How to Re-Encode your video file

Re-Encode video files freeware

This small guide explains how to re-encode your video files keeping format and quality settings of your original file.

When do you need to re-encode a video file?
1- When your file seems to be broken and can’t be read by any video player. The first thing to do in this case is to try to re-encode the file to see if it fix the problem.
2- Your file seems jittery, glitchy when you play it with your favortite video player. A video re-encoding process can solve this issue.

Here at, we provide a free tool specifically built for this task.
This freeware (windows only, mac version is coming soon) require windows 7/8/10 (x86 x64) Video Re-encoder is easy to use:
1- drag and drop the file you want to re-encode into the main windows
2- Select the output path
3- [Optional] set the quality setting. 100% means no change.
4- Click on the “Re-Encode” button.

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